Friday, February 18, 2011

This Weekend

Better late than never, right?
Friday night - I worked out and then drank wine. 

Saturday - I worked out again - wahoo - go me!  Then we did a quick truck trade with Steve so that we could pick up some room dividers that I was taking from work.  Not sure yet what I'll be doing with them - maybe a head board of some sort??

Saturday Night - we had dirty Mexican dinner with Sakah.  The thing about dirty Mexican is that if they ask if you want a big beer, you have to say yes, it's practically state law.  But do you really want the big beer - NO, hell no you don't want the big beer b/c mixing the big beer with beans and rice is a BAD idea.  No one's stomach is built to hold that much substance.  No one.

Damn you Big Beer - I love and I hate you.
Sunday - We did have our Sunday morning movie:
It was good.  There is one line where he talks about his "specific set of skills" that makes the whole movie.
It was more than beautiful outside and since I'd gorged myself the night before - we had to get out and do something.  Matt pulled the bikes out of the shed and we took a ride over to a guy's house to look at a rug.  And the rug was awesome. We bought it.  (Does that count as working on the house?)
It's currently living in Living Room 2.  The old rug was too small and this one is perfect.  It's an 8 x 10 West Elm rug that we scored for $140.  You can't beat that with a stick.

The old rug is just a little small and doesn't really match anything - got her from Craig for $40 so while worth it, she's not quite what we want in this room.  Never fear, she will soon live in the front room upstairs where she matches and will feel much more at home.

And here's the new guy:

He's chocolate brown and big and beautiful.  And sooo thick.  He came from a home with a dog and a baby and the puppies are having a field day scratching and licking and pulling at the rug trying to find said dog and baby b/c they smell them.  A little strategically placed red pepper has hopefully fixed the issue.

We drank Mimosa's with Morning Glory juice which is a blend of pure sunshine and rainbows.  Awesome.  While I vacuumed the new rug (outside on the front porch,) Matt got sucked into a John Cusak movie on TV.
Who doesn't love a good and sappy John Cusak movie.  There was no rain in this one though - there was snow.

We finished the weekend with the Grammys.
Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, Eminem, Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers.  Love them all.  Period.

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