Sunday, December 27, 2009

Less than 5 Months

So what do we have done:
  • Venue? Check.
  • Dress? Check.
  • My shoes? Of course, that's a check...I actually have 2 pair already.
  • .

Sadly - those checks are the only ones..

  • Save the Dates?
  • Invites?
  • Guest List?
  • Decor?
  • Flowers?
  • Rentals?
  • DJ?
  • Band?
  • Matt's clothes?
  • Gifts for our "helpers"?
  • Registry?
  • "Rehearsal" dinner?
  • Hotel blocks for out of towners?

Oh. My. God.

Didn't I hire a wedding planner for a reason?

Quick Update

So here's what we've been up to lately:


Ridiculous Hat Party:

Ridiculous hat required for entry.


All family photos taken at our New Madrid home away from home, Rosie's Bar and Grill.

Wild Life in East Nash

No, was wild life. And not just wild cats, East Nashville is notorious for wild cats.
Today Matt was taking out the recycling, he came walking back up to the house and he hears something.
Looks to his right and sees this:

This is a Cooper's hawk tearing into the pigeon he just caught in our backyard.
So of course, the only thing he could do is run out and try to get closer pics, while trying not to be attacked.

Once Matt got too close the hawk took the pigeon and flew off. He left us some feathers and that's it.

So ends another beautiful afternoon in the city.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Stuff about Me

Well, I thought since I hadn't posted in a while I might as well give you a long one to tide you over....
Here are 50 fun things to know about me. Written in February 2009 for a facebook thing...yes, I know I'm not on facebook. We kinda got into it at work so I did it via email with a few peeps.
This was written before the engagement, before we moved to Nashville...a lot has happened this year.

1. I’m 28 and I’m afraid of the dark. There is a seriously scary cowboy that lives in the corner of my bedroom when the lights go off.
2. I sleep with the TV on and the remote under my pillow. Matt just had to adapt to that.
3. I’m the spooner in this relationship, he’s the spoonee….his arm is just too heavy and I can’t breathe when he’s the spooner.
4. I can’t sleep right without him in the bed with me.
5. I had imaginary friends when I was a child. 2 of them. Peacock and Pagan. Don’t ask where the names came from, I have NO idea.
6. Peacock used to beat me up.
7. My younger brother had an imaginary friend too, BIG imagination runs in the family.
8. My grandmother turned 90 this year and after her party she went out to the local bar with everyone until about 1a. She’s my hero.
9. She said the next day that for her 95th, she wanted to skip the fancy party and just go to bar with everyone.
10. I want a big family but pregnancy scares the shit out of me. I think Rent-A-Uterus is the way I’m gonna go to make this happen.
11. I want a marriage not a wedding. The more I think about weddings the more I want to elope and just throw a party to celebrate with everyone. I only need Matt there for the ceremony.
12. I would love to start a non-profit for the right organization.
13. I give away 5% of my income to various causes b/c even though I’m saving money for a Nashville house, it makes me feel better about the world.
14. I want to be a dog trainer. Victoria Stillwell (“It’s Me or the Dog”) is awesome.
15. My kindergarten classes only lasted ½ day, we went home right before lunch time.
16. I’ve had bad ankles my whole life. I jumped out of a tree, more like a little sapling, when I was 5 and sprained my ankle, Mom had to carry me to school on her back.
17. My knees ache when it rains or I sit still too long. Movies at the theater kill me.
18. I love, love, love taking a shower then getting into a clean, just been made bed with wet hair.
19. Cooking as well as my mom is something I’m still striving to achieve.
20. Matt and I extended our patio, tiled it, and built a pergola with only the help of Mike and Sam. We’re extremely proud, if you’d like to see pictures.
21. We also built a killer dog house, with windows, carpet, and siding.
22. I never want to live in a brand new house, I want something with character that I can turn into my own, East Nashville is very appealing to me for that reason.
23. I’m from Parsons, TN, on the TN river. I’ve been on and around boats my entire life and would be considered a “River Rat.”
24. I’ve lived in Omaha, Nebraska and Minot, North Dakota.
25. I want to learn to speak Portuguese and visit Rio to see Corcovado.
26. I was a cheerleader in high school.
27. The cheerleaders sponsored the dances after the football games, one time I showed up stoned and hid in the corner b/c I was so paranoid. Yea, I was that kind of cheerleader. Rah, rah, rah.
28. Early in our relationship, Matt wrote me a poem that ended with the line, “I even like her dumb thumbs.” I’ve been made fun of for these fat, mis-formed appendages my entire life. **Thumbs Up!**
29. I have a thing for turtles. Just love them.
30. I’d like to own a Rottweiler….or any big dog (as long as there isn’t a drool issue.) I also wouldn’t mind having something small too for portability reasons.
31. I love the grey cats with blue eyes….Russian Blues I think they’re called.
32. I’m a country girl at heart. While I do like the city and all the opportunities to go out, I need a certain amount of grass in my life, whether it’s alive or not, it’s still nice to have around.
33. To that end, I hate suburbia. Goes against everything I’ve ever known and really, how can your house have character if every house in a ½ mile radius has the exact same character.
34. I am really happy when I’m planning an event or a party….things like the time and date may slip through the cracks but the food and guests are a top priority.
35. I had a dog named Gretchen when I was little, she was a black lab and TERRIFIED of thunder. Pokey is my dog that is really my parents’ dog now, she’s the same way. I think it must be a curse on the family, we will forever have dogs terrified of thunder.
36. Back when I used to go to the babysitter, my mom would pick us up and I would wish with every fiber of my being that she’d surprise me with a horse when we got home. It never happened.
37. I still want a horse but I know that’s a bit impractical now just as it was back then.
38. I believe in aliens. I think it’s awfully lofty of us to assume that we’re the only ones floating around out there.
39. I rarely drink soda and when I do it burns my tongue.
40. I have a thing for good strong coffee. Like really good coffee, CafĂ© Du Monde style good coffee. It makes me happy and if I could afford it I’d buy a “good coffee” every day.
41. Sushi is one of my favorite foods and Sakura in M’boro is one of the best. Once I move, I’ll still drive out there to eat at Sakura. Totally worth it.
42. Tattoos. Love them. Want more. But not in very visible places, like my arms, more like my sides or my back. I’m thinking Moravian star next….or maybe the lilies….
43. If I’m not challenged, I’m not happy. Boredom and monotony do not serve me well in my work life.
44. I truly believe that Champagne will rain from the sky when Matt and I move to Nashville.
45. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are the only artists that I pay to see every time they’re in Nashville.
46. I like cars and knowing how they work. I’d like to know how to do engine work but the grime that is permanently under mechanics’ fingernails has always deterred me from trying to learn.
47. I like flowers too. Too bad I have the brownest thumb in all the land. Who can kill evergreen trees and holly bushes in a single season…..I CAN.
48. Once I had killed the evergreen trees, we left them for a whole year and talked about them as if they were “veeerry expensive golden spruces from Japan….Veerry expensive.”
49. I name almost everything I plant. 2 trees in the back yard = Brad and Yoshi. 2 hibiscus on the front porch = Edward and Edwin. 2 hydrangea plants on the side of the house = Hazel and Jewel. I named the 2 potato vines growing on the pergola too, they were redneck names = Peggy and Pete.
50. In 2008, Matt and I both forgot our anniversary. We moved it back a month so we could celebrate. It’s a made-up day anyway.