Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Clampetts Move Out

We finally live in our house.
Buck may make us look like a couple of red necks...but he sure was helpful driving back and forth from Lester and Dooze's to our house with all our stuff.

Pictures of the current Mataura bomb that exploded in our house to follow.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you Hula?

Yay, my birfday was yesterday. After spending the morning sleeping in (Thank Jebus, I needed that)and the afternoon running house errands (b/c you can't go a full day without doing that...apparently), I expected a nice dinner at home courtesy of Lester and a super awesome, dance party courtesy of Lester, Dooze, and Matt.
What I got was all that and MORE....

Words cannot explain the supery, awesomeness that occurred when the rest of the family surprised me and showed up around 7p. Who knew a hula hoop could provide hours of ridiculous joy...Yea Birthday.

And with all that ridiculocity going on, the puppies had a lovely evening of sleep.

I believe the night was summed up best by Lester this afternoon, "It's not a good party unless someone gets hurt."
Poor Amy, may have broken her foot. Yea Hula Hoop.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Planner

I wouldn't call myself a planner...not at all really. I will admit that I love being organized and knowing that everything has a home and I can always find things because they always go back to their home. Period.
Given all this organization, I'm not a planner. I can't do it. I have no thoughts about how to make things happen, linear pattern - nope, that's not me. I'm more of a fantasy, "wouldn't it be nice if we..." kind of person.
It's hard being this self aware. But nice too. I know my limits and planning is outside my limit.
We have a wedding planner and as cheesy and stupid and expensive as that sounds, I'm soo glad we did it. I only have to dress myself now. I get to pass all of our ideas through to her and she will just make it happen.
This is as close to jeans and a courthouse as I'm gonna get.

One Week

We're down to one week.
Next Friday everyone will be out of OUR house. It will no longer be a construction zone, it will finally be where we live. Our mail might actually be delivered there since right now it's being returned to sender. Really, US postal service, really? Like we don't know our own address....
But I digress, one week. THAT is the point, one week.

**I promise once we are actually able to see the house after work (no electrcity at the moment) there will be some pictures.**

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 4.

It's week 4 and we're still homeless...Gypsy does sound cooler but homeless is closer to the truth. Apparently, I'm supposed to be planning a wedding and buying a dress and worrying about the guest list and all that cripe, instead I'm concerned with when we'll actually be moved in and how the smallest kitchen on the face of the planet is actually gonna work and how in Jebus' name will we get the wood floors clean after all this dusty mess of renovation is over.
Well, I guess this whole wedding thing may be nothing more than me and Matt dressed in nothing more important than a new pair of jeans...I might get my wedding way afterall.

Monday, September 7, 2009


My boy Doobie has a new obsession... He's madly in love. She's tall and brown and lovely. She's a tree. This wonderful "woman" lives in the back yard of Dooze and Lester's house.

Doobie lives and breathes every moment of his days here for this tree.

He stares out the window and pines for her.

He stands at the back fence and stares at her.

And this is the only view he gets...She never gives him anymore than this.
She's quite the prude really.

And you thought this was gonna be a tree hugger post.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gypsy Status Revoked

1407 Eastland Avenue
We have a new address.

Much quicker than we thought possible. Our original close date was Sept. 9th, our mortgage broker really wanted this commission in August so guess what happened....
We closed August 31st.

However, it is a renovation loan and the home has no HVAC, no kitchen, no working baths...The plumber and electrician started today.

Lester and Dooze only have to deal with us for a couple more weeks now.

Pics coming later. I promise.

To 'da Beach Boyeee!

Vacation is a wonderful thing.
We've been out of pocket since August 21st at the Hippy Farm beach house in Mexico Beach Florida.
Love. That's all there is to it.

Since we are still gypsies, our permanent address for those 9 days was 418 Nutmeg Street, Mexico Beach, FL. Lovely.

And since we are still gypsies, I have no idea where my actual camera is located. This butterfly is the only pic I got (with my camera phone) on the day we were leaving.

Gypsy Status Achieved

Lester and Dooze's House

The room that we've stuffed every thing into. And yes, that is a twin bed that Matt is lying on. I get to sleep on the twin trundle bed. The infamous "Father Knows Best" beds.

And I think they may actually like us.

We shall see if that is still the case once this is over!