Thursday, October 29, 2009

The First Dinner

So the microwave is the only appliance that has really seen any use since we moved in, no dishwasher or running water in the kitchen kept me from actually cooking a meal.
Last night all that changed - we finally got to turn on the oven and cook.

I'm sure you're DYING to know what my culinary talents produced for our first real meal in our new house........
Tony's Frozen 4-Cheese Pizza.

A true classic.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know, I know....

I haven't posted in a while. Here is your pictureless update.

  • we now have counter tops,
  • the appalling issue with the basement and plumbing that I won't re-cap here has been fixed,
  • I DO have a back lit shoe rack (although no other type of closet at the moment, you see where my loyalties lie),
  • the shuTTer on the 2nd story was put back up (of course it fell down again but it was up for a week or two, we're calling that success),
  • the kitchen built-in shelving has been painted and the shelves lined (that took a whole damn Saturday!),
  • hardware has been added/changed on the kitchen cabinets,
  • most of the kitchen boxes are unpacked,
  • our 4 rocking chairs for the front porch have been sanded, primed, and painted,
  • the room of lamps is still FULL of lamps but much of the other stuff has been put away,
  • we did buy a roll-top desk b/c otherwise our "office" would be the dining room table (how's a girl to throw lavish dinner parties if the dining table is covered in computer and file boxes - that sounds like me doesn't it),
  • and the best part.....we FINALLY took up the paper that was covering the hard woods to protect it from all these people traipsing in and out (and I realized just how many rugs we'll have to buy.)

I'll follow-up with some pictures later.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Counter Tops - Today?

Cross your fingers but don't hold your breath....
We should have countertops installed this afternoon at 3p.

Here's to hoping the torrential down pour and thunderstorm warning don't stop the cabinet installer from working.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Everyone knows that Mary Jane is the smart one and Doobie is.....just Doobie.
Well, she's too smart for her own good sometimes. And she just wasn't content staying and sniffing around a back yard 3x the size of her last one. Nooo, she had to go and escape.

Yesterday, I woke up to Matt yelling. "Laura - she's gone. I can't find Mary Jane." Good Morning everyone....why yes, I would love to run around East Nashville chasing after a stupid fast dog.

Finally, I found her across the street and down about a block sniffing the bushes in between 2 houses. When I got to her, she looks up at me all waggly and happy like "Oh hey, where have you been?" She had no idea that we'd been running around the neighborhood yelling and whistling and shaking the bag of treats.

Later that night Matt was still upset about it. Not because he was afraid she'd be lost forever, but rather because she won. She beat him in a foot race.

Finally - The Long Awaited Pictures

They're here! They're here! You can all stop holding your breath. And be as awed and appalled as I am.

Yes, I know, we're missing a shutter upstairs on the left. Apparently, NO ONE took it down, it just happened to be laying in the front room upstairs with a crow bar sitting on top of it. But no one took it down.

Yep, those beautiful 1984 Aztec print couches made the move with us. Yay.

I call this the lamp room. Lovely, isn't it?

And the dining room - I just love that the chandelier is hung so high that you can't even see it in this picture. Ahhh, contractors.

Ok, so this one is a bit dark, but it's a bathroom and there is some really cool tile in the top of the shower.

The best room in the house. My favorite spot to cook a nice meal with a glass of wine...Except that THERE ARE NO COUNTER TOPS. I hate Lowe's and that's all I'll say about it.

After walking around my house and snapping room after room of boxes and ugly couches, I decided I should probably get some pics of why we bought this house....Otherwise, I'm sure you would start to wonder.

Love, love, love this light fixture.

This is the tree in our back yard. Effing amazing. Buck looks like a little Tonka Truck.

And this is the tree in our front yard. Yes, I know, I know, I'm a hippy at heart.

The window in the breakfast room. Details, it's all in the details.

We have 2 of these windows. One in each of the front rooms. Love them both. Please make note of the beautiful yellow, lace window sheers. Gag. One would think that one room of these sheers would be enough....oh no, one would be wrong. These sheers cover every room in the house.

Well, now you've seen some of it. We've got 3200 square feet and 4 bathrooms to deal with, each having what looks like original piping. Home built in 1925. Today we got the news that one of the bathroom drain pipes that is built into the block foundation is leaking into the basement. This is almost comical at this point.

I don't think I'll ever be able to take the key holder off the door.

Congratulations Homeowner.

The First Piece

We got through one box last week. One. It's hard to go through boxes when nothing in your house is finished!

Our first box was linens and this was safely tucked inside.

We must be home now.