Monday, October 5, 2009

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Everyone knows that Mary Jane is the smart one and Doobie is.....just Doobie.
Well, she's too smart for her own good sometimes. And she just wasn't content staying and sniffing around a back yard 3x the size of her last one. Nooo, she had to go and escape.

Yesterday, I woke up to Matt yelling. "Laura - she's gone. I can't find Mary Jane." Good Morning everyone....why yes, I would love to run around East Nashville chasing after a stupid fast dog.

Finally, I found her across the street and down about a block sniffing the bushes in between 2 houses. When I got to her, she looks up at me all waggly and happy like "Oh hey, where have you been?" She had no idea that we'd been running around the neighborhood yelling and whistling and shaking the bag of treats.

Later that night Matt was still upset about it. Not because he was afraid she'd be lost forever, but rather because she won. She beat him in a foot race.

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