Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know, I know....

I haven't posted in a while. Here is your pictureless update.

  • we now have counter tops,
  • the appalling issue with the basement and plumbing that I won't re-cap here has been fixed,
  • I DO have a back lit shoe rack (although no other type of closet at the moment, you see where my loyalties lie),
  • the shuTTer on the 2nd story was put back up (of course it fell down again but it was up for a week or two, we're calling that success),
  • the kitchen built-in shelving has been painted and the shelves lined (that took a whole damn Saturday!),
  • hardware has been added/changed on the kitchen cabinets,
  • most of the kitchen boxes are unpacked,
  • our 4 rocking chairs for the front porch have been sanded, primed, and painted,
  • the room of lamps is still FULL of lamps but much of the other stuff has been put away,
  • we did buy a roll-top desk b/c otherwise our "office" would be the dining room table (how's a girl to throw lavish dinner parties if the dining table is covered in computer and file boxes - that sounds like me doesn't it),
  • and the best part.....we FINALLY took up the paper that was covering the hard woods to protect it from all these people traipsing in and out (and I realized just how many rugs we'll have to buy.)

I'll follow-up with some pictures later.

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