Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Weekend

I think we're just over the house stuff.  This was another weekend of no house/reno stuff, just normal stuff.

Last week was longer than it should have been for both of us...so I hit the couch on Friday night and promptly began my Wine Haze while Matt continued his scrubbing of every surface of the bike.

Saturday we lounged around the house, ate more HOT chicken, Matt worked on the bike somemore, and I had a documentary day of movies and monthly menu planning.
Blood Into Wine
Blood Into Wine
We were most interested in this because we're Maynard fans, the man sings like he's from Heaven.  This probably wouldn't have been as interesting to us if not for that....and the fact that I like to drink wine.  I was also glad to know the story behind his wine named Judith - it made him more real to me.

The Business of Being Born
The Business of Being Born
Since kids are a future endeavor for us, this was an interesting take on labor and delivery.  I think I may be a hippie. 

And finally, Food Inc.
Food, Inc.
Ok, I'm definitely a hippie.  This one deserves it's own post for all the changes that we're making due to it.  Maybe I'll get to that later this week.

Sunday was spent grocery shopping and cooking and eating and SuperBowling at the Sunday Ryan household.  Saw Vince and met Jordan of MONA while there.  If you haven't checked them out, then do.  Ms. Ryan has dubbed me a superfan and I kind of love them.
Anyway, we watched the game, ate too much food, and then went home to bed.  Unfortunately, we missed our Suday morning movie this week.

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