Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Before and After House List for 2011

In the last few months we've been discussing the big reno, how to pay for the big reno, and what we can do now that won't seem wasteful when the big reno comes around but still will turn this house into OUR house.
Here's the plan:
  • PAINT.  Paint.  And more paint.  The next room on our list is the bedroom downstairs, currently the master.  
    • But we're only painting the downstairs b/c we live down there and it just doesn't make sense to waste energy and time on rooms we never see.
    • Hallways, the laundry room, the breakfast area...there are plenty of rooms still left down here.
  • Plant a garden.  Brown thumb and all, this year we're planting a vegetable garden.  Raised beds on the side of the house that won't be touched by any reno at all.
  • It's all about the accessories kiddos.  Even though we have a millions rooms, every room has a purpose and we should change the decor to fit that purpose.
I know that doesn't seem like much of a list but it really is b/c with all that paint comes a ton of prep, putty, sanding, trim, etc.  That first bullet up there is gonna be quite a doozy!

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