Sunday, January 10, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

What a beautiful faucet. It's all polished and bronze and pretty. Do you notice something not quite right though??
Take a 2nd look.
That's right. It's on. There's no water.
Now that we're working on our 9th day below freezing our old plumbling just couldn't take it anymore....even with the radiant heater in the basement. The pipes froze.

But wait there's's the rundown of our last week.
  • Matt's car - his "ecgc" sensor (no idea if that's the right name at all??) went out on his car, while at the shop was told it's time to replace his timing belt.
  • Heater unit in the basement - drain pipe froze and the pump was continuosly running.
  • While down there checking out the heater, found that our downstairs bath pedastal sink had been leaking into the basement.
  • One of our 2 outdoor spigots, the one in the shed, froze and burst.
  • Main pipe bringing water to the house is frozen and we're currently without water.

And just to add insult to it all, today, during mile 1 of Matt's 5 mile run, his Ipod flipped out. After he has spent the last 2 weeks cleaning up his music folders and adding CD art to all the albums in the library (over 5600 songs). To him, this is the worst of all.

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