Friday, September 18, 2009

A Planner

I wouldn't call myself a planner...not at all really. I will admit that I love being organized and knowing that everything has a home and I can always find things because they always go back to their home. Period.
Given all this organization, I'm not a planner. I can't do it. I have no thoughts about how to make things happen, linear pattern - nope, that's not me. I'm more of a fantasy, "wouldn't it be nice if we..." kind of person.
It's hard being this self aware. But nice too. I know my limits and planning is outside my limit.
We have a wedding planner and as cheesy and stupid and expensive as that sounds, I'm soo glad we did it. I only have to dress myself now. I get to pass all of our ideas through to her and she will just make it happen.
This is as close to jeans and a courthouse as I'm gonna get.


  1. Likewise, meaning happy birthday

  2. That last birthday wish was from Uncle Gene

  3. Amen, Sister. You just get to say "I want that," and they make it happen. Brilliant.