Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you Hula?

Yay, my birfday was yesterday. After spending the morning sleeping in (Thank Jebus, I needed that)and the afternoon running house errands (b/c you can't go a full day without doing that...apparently), I expected a nice dinner at home courtesy of Lester and a super awesome, dance party courtesy of Lester, Dooze, and Matt.
What I got was all that and MORE....

Words cannot explain the supery, awesomeness that occurred when the rest of the family surprised me and showed up around 7p. Who knew a hula hoop could provide hours of ridiculous joy...Yea Birthday.

And with all that ridiculocity going on, the puppies had a lovely evening of sleep.

I believe the night was summed up best by Lester this afternoon, "It's not a good party unless someone gets hurt."
Poor Amy, may have broken her foot. Yea Hula Hoop.

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