Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countdown Update.

It's Wednesday. We close on Friday.
Check out our new decorating scheme. Very minimalist.

See the new coffee table (blue cooler) and new entertainment center (round waste basket), which the computer sits on so we can go to Hulu and get our Burn Notice fix....our current TV fascination.

I have to say though without all our stuff in the way, our paint looks AWESOME. I'm gonna miss this house.

UPDATE on the thermostat:
While I would have loved to put in a circular thermostat, I didn't get a choice. Matt called our HVAC man and he put in a digital one. Dang. Still I do get a little satisfaction when walking by, there is a small but lovely square of red next to the current LEVEL digital thermostat.

It's the small things.

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