Sunday, July 26, 2009

Victory is Mine - Kinda.

After all that stuff with Matterhorn, I figured I should update the plight with Eastland. Remember this one - the one we're trying to buy so we're not homeless forever...
So we're cautiously optimistic that this will actually happen. Our real estate agent, actually the seller's agent, tipped us off about renovation loans. We didn't think banks did this anymore but apparently they do. Yay for us! Bad for Dooze and Lester, and Steve and Lisa, and maybe Sam and Bekah too....
Dooze and Lester, Steve and Lisa, and Sam and Bekah are the wonderful peeps that are letting us couch surf for a couple/few of weeks with our 2 dogs. Since we've had to go this route with financing, the escrow period will be longer plus we still have to renovate a couple things like electrical and HVAC before we can move in....thus more time spent couch surfing.
Matterhorn close date - August 14th (Shit, that's only 2 weekends away)
Eastland latest close date - September 9th (We've made sad, little, puppy dog faces at our new mortgage guru to hopefully speed up this process.)
3 1/2 weeks homeless....or at least until we can move our stuff in. Um yea, where the hell do you store a doggie mansion for a month??
Prolly 4 1/2 weeks until we can move in. We're counting on the kindness of our friends....hopefully they'll still be our friends after this is all over.

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  1. I just can't figure out why you and Matt wouldn't want to stay with Jeremy and I (and Braxton and Bruiser)?