Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Difference Between Us and Everyone Else

We're masochistic.
We must be. Otherwise why in God's name would be dying to buy a house with no kitchen and only 1 functional bathroom of the 4 in the house.
This didn't really seem that weird to me until I saw the list of fixes the buyers of Matterhorn wanted done before closing.

1. New roof. Ok so maybe there was more hail damage than we thought....but a whole new roof when this one doesn't leak or look f-ed up at all. Really?!

I'm no roofer but if it doesn't leak...where's the problem??

2. Replace all gutters and downspouts. No. Nuh-uh. Not ever gonna happen. That is cosmetic and all the gutters function just fine. They have been blown out every year nevermind that Matt spent about 4 hours with a Magic Eraser and Power Paste scrubbing the dang things clean before we went on the market.

Sparkling Clean.

3. Fix the float switch on catch pan in attic. What IS that? Never heard of it but apparently ours is broken - sounds serious enough that we should have noticed, right?

4. Fix outlet at right rear kitchen wall. This one is so vague, we don't even know which outlet they're talking about. The right rear kitchen wall? With a walk through kitchen - Which end of the kitchen were you standing on to say right. Nevermind that all the outlets work in the kitchen. Apparently the one "on the right rear kitchen wall" has the negative and positive switched....?

    Which right is wrong in this picture? There's an outlet on every wall.

5. Level the heating/cooling thermostat in the upper hallway. This one is the most ridiculous to me and the one that will give me the most satisfaction when it's all said and done. Little do the new home owners know that our hallway was RED. Leveling that thermostat will leave a lovely red outline around the new one. I haven't decided yet whether a brand new nice, ROUND thermostat is just too mean.

Imagine a nice new round thermostat with a eye catching rectangle of red around it. How's that for level?

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  1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get the round one!!!!!