Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Wedding Re-Cap

I know it's been a few months.
But here are a few of my faves:
Before the ceremony. 
Doesn't he just look so debonair?
Yes, that is me writing my vows about 45 minutes before the ceremony.

The Ceremony.
We hadn't seen each other since about 2p that afternoon....when we were drinking beer on the front porch watching Nashville Electric Service figure out why, oh why, we had no electricity.  That was fun.
 Where is she?

  Well, how do I look?
We took pics together after the ceremony b/c Matt didn't want to see me before.  It's bad luck, afterall.
I am seriously excited about something....maybe it's the fact that we're freshly married??

And by God, there was dancing!!
And a wardrobe change, for me at least.
The kick ass band: Space Capone.
And finally, how about a Krystal to finish the night:

Next post - some of the scenic honeymoon pictures.

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