Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville Floods.

It's serious here.  People are dead and I bet much of the nation has no idea what's going on b/c there is no national coverage.

This article says it best:

Here is a link to some photos:
And here:

Matt and I came out fine with just some basement flooding.  Nothing a few 5 gallon buckets, a shop vac, and some heavy lifting couldn't cure.  Our biggest problem right now is the mandate to cut water usage by 50%.  Small potatoes when others have lost their homes, their cars, their loved ones. 
I know at least 2 people personally that lost their homes and are now in search of another.

Keep Nashville in your thoughts and if you have an opportunity to volunteer or give to the RedCross, please do so.

In other wedding related news, the Hampton Inn on 4th and Korean Veterans made it through without any damage that I know of...The water did make it up to 5th Ave. but downtown is a bowl and Korean Vets is on the upper edge of the bowl.  If anyone went another direction and booked the Hilton downtown on 5th, they will be closed indefinitely.  Let me know if you need other options.

See you in a couple weeks.


  1. Hey Laura (and Matt too!) It's Rosie in Covington. So glad to hear you made it through the storms & floods. It was was crazy here too, and even living in our 1906 version of "this old house"..its good to be on higher ground! Terry & I were trying to look up One Cannery & were wondering if it suffered any damage?? The pixs from OpryLand Hotel were CRAZY! Other quick question- Bill invited us to the BBQ Friday p.m....but of course I want to check w/ the host & this kids too? BE HONEST...we can take it! : ) See you soon & ABSOLUTELY looking forward to the celebration! Rosie

  2. Rosie - The Cannery Ballroom is fine. It's actually off of 8th Avenue and water didn't make it up that far. They are actually having a benefit for flood victims there tonight.
    As for the BBQ Friday night - yea, it's kid friendly too. No worries, bring them on although I don't know how kid entertaining any of this will be...
    Looking forward to seeing you guys -

  3. Hi Laura and Matt, So glad you all made it through the floods with minor problems. Nashville looks unbelievable. Looks like the nat'l media is finally showing some coverage of the major disaster that hit Nashville with all the water damage and loss of life. We are getting excited to see your house and your renovations. See you soon! Love Aunt Pat and Uncle Nat