Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yea, that's just Creepy.

So this estate sale thing generally works in our favor. We've gotten some really "good stuff" (that is an original Sue term).
Quite a few pieces of furniture, some lamps and other decor items, etc.

This one is Matt's absolute favorite:

Of course, sitting atop Matt's other favorite piece...the late 1800s roll top desk, with a drawer locking system that we still haven't figured out.

I'm not completely convinced yet. It looks creepy to at any moment the giant Egg lamp will hatch an alien to suck out our brains. Matt will be safe, of course, because he only has good thoughts about aliens, since they can read our minds and all.


  1. I tend to agree with you. Maybe you should tie it down at night, just to be sure.

    Aunt Sally